Newbie question about Gate

I am trying to use the Gate function to remove a loud hum (caused, I believe, by a faulty cable) in a field recording of diaogue in a small-group setting.
I am wondering if there’s a way I can have reduced hum, rather than total silence, in between the speech moments. Total silence sounds artificial and a little eerie. Also, some initial constanants tend to get clipped after a period of silence. So a small amount of hum may work better than none.
Any comments/suggestions appreciated.
Thanks in advance
Wavelab Essentials 8

I would try an equalizer to lower the volume of whatever specific Hz the hum is.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for this suggestion. I see there’s a plug-in Studio EQ. Will try to figure out how it works. (If I can’t, would be prepared to consider using a professional service, as I need to get this done soon.)

Well, I hope you or the professional has good luck. These types of sounds are a b***ch to get rid of.

Regards. :sunglasses:

The software on your footer (Wavelabs Essentials) contains Sonnox De-Noiser and Sonnex De-Buzzer, these plugins can listen to the hum and then attempt to remove it from the recording. You sample a bit of the hum on its own and then apply the noise reduction profile to the track.