Newbie question about setting up MIDI (with AI 6)

So I have an Avid Keystudio 49 which I use as my midi hardware, and when I try to set it up in Cubase ai 6, it doesn’t get recognized. It isn’t connected with a midi cable, instead the keyboard connects directly to my laptop through a USB cable. Is the program not recognizing my hardware as MIDI because of this? Or could it be that the guys at Avid are just dicks and make it so their products are only compatible with Pro Tools?

Another off topic question for anyone who knows: say the keyboard isn’t compatible with Cubase, is it possible to import mp3 tracks into an existing cubase project? (I say this because I’m thinking I could record guitar parts with cubase, then switch to pro tools to record the midi, convert the tracks to mp3 then import them to Cubase).

The keyboard (doesn’t necessarily show under the actual name of the keyboard) does not show under Devices in Cubase?

No I don’t see my keyboard, or anything made by Avid, under the list of midi devices.

Another question for anybody: Is it possible to just play the Halion Sonic SE with my laptop keyboard?

According to your use manual you can connect to Cubase (Page 10)

Did you try : Devices - MIDI device manager - Install Device - Define new - give it 16 tracks and name it what you want - perhaps that should work.