Newbie question about sync/tempo thing


I´m new to Cubase and I searched the forum for this, but couldn´t find anything related. So I hope someone can help me out. All of the sudden (well, maybe I´ve done something, but I don´t know what) in one of my projects the tracks aren´t in sync anymore.

There are just two tracks with midi notes and VSTi´s but they started to sound as if I´m drunk. They fall behind the beat, then seem to rush through some notes and then slow down again. I´ve tried toggling between musical and linear mode, but this makes no difference.

If someone recognizes this, please let me know.

Regards, Charles

Does it just sound this way or does it look like it too…i.e are the midi notes still on the grid as you wrote them??

Thanks for your reply.They are still on the grid. The sounds fall behind on the CTI. It doesn´t sound like latency though, because it is not in a constant way and it´s just on this one project. It seems to build up or something.

You may need to check Use System Timestamp or use the Emulated Ports for your device, depending.

Thanks, I´m searching at the moment, but I can´t find this in the manual. Can you tell me where I shoul check it?

Device Setup- MIDI Port Setup for Timestamp. The Emulated Ports are different, there’s a Knowledge Base article that explains how to get them to show. Look to my sig.

When you mentioned device I checked my ASIO Driver. I changed it a moment ago from ASIO DirectX (I believe the standard) to the UA-25EX driver of my interface and it seems to have solved my problem.

Could this be all? I feel a bit… uhm… newbie.

That could be all yeah, the DirectX ASIO driver is a generic driver and it’s rubbish :sunglasses: