Newbie Question: How to playback all tracks?

I’m a total newbie to Cubase, using Cubase AI 10.5. I have two short simple tracks - a preloaded cord progression and a vocal recording. I cannot figure out how to playback both tracks simultaneously. I can only play an individual track in the track editor workspace.

It should not be taking me hours to figure this out. In the tutorials all tracks are playing back simultaneously and looping together. I cannot find the relevant answer in all my googling and video watching. Can someone please help me figure out what I’m missing? I can hit start and the scroll bar moves with no audible playback of any tracks.

Thanks for helping me out of my frustration.

Are you sure there is no solo pressed on any of both tracks?

You might have “solo follows track selection” enabled - I think it is a program preference.

Thanks guys, it was related to solo and monitor buttons. Thanks for the replies.