Newbie question: moving a license to another computer without usb licenser

Hello, I bought Cubase Elements 9 from on October 2017, and installed it on a macbook pro but since I have several apps and plugins in there and that machine does not have much space I decided to to uninstall Cubase from this machine and install it on a mac mini with el capitan on it, I don’t have an usb e licenser just the soft e licenser and in my Steinberg I see that I just get support from a distributor which is weird since I purchased directly from Steinberg…so I need a little help could someone point me in the right direction for achieving my goal. transferring my license to my other computer. your help is highly appreciated. thanks in advanced.

Hi and welcome,

Reactivatoin is your way.

thanks mate! another little question so I uninstall first before following the reactivation process? or after doing the process.

You don’t need to uninstall Cubase - it is fine to have it on multiple computers. But only one can be in use at a time, the one that has a valid license on it. A dongle makes moving from one computer to another just a matter of moving the dongle. Using the soft e-license takes a bit more work but the concept is the same.

oh I see thanks a lot! have a great day…now I’ll get hands on and do it…just wanted to be sure before.