Newbie question on copying multiple bars/channels

Hi, I checked to see if the toppic didn’t already exist so, sorry if I missed it. I’m a long time Sonar user and I’m new to Cubase (Element 9.5). So far I like it’s look & feel and could manage to do most of what I want to do. What I haven’t been able to figure out and what I commonly did with Sonar is to copy/move several bars of multiple channels in a quick and easy way. The same would apply to inserting a certain number of empty bars for all channels (let’s say I wanted to split between verse and chorus to add an additional verse for soloing). Thanks for any replies!


When you want to select multible events and move them. You can use ctrl and mouse klick on the events and it will ad up until you have selected them all. Or you can use shift if it is several events in a row. Mouse klick the first event and hold shift and mouse klick the last event. When all is selected, you can just mouse klick and hold the mouse button and move all the events, where you want them.
Or if you want to copy and past them some other place you hit ctrl+c for copy and ctrl+v for past. You also want to make shure you have the first track selected or the track you are copy pasting from selected, so the events get past to the right track/s. And also move the cursor to where you want the events past.

To ad bars. You need to go in to project, time line and select open bars prosess dialog. It is the icon to the right, in the upper tools menu.

If you want to dublicate events, you can quickly do that by selecting event/s and hitting ctrl+K. Now you can also set how many times you want it repeated.

Higly recommend you check out the arranger track. It makes it alot more easy to mess about with arrangement and be creative.
You use the draw tool to work it.

The online manual is also great for figuring things out. You can use the search engine for key words.

Also, after selection, you can hold down the Alt key while dragging a copy to the new place.
Also, to insert empty bars, look for “Insert Silence” in the manual.

Thanks for the tips! I had spotted the how to in the instruction manual but seemed to be moving instead of copying selections. I’ll probably use a project copy and play around with those tasks as they often come up. The look and feel of Cubase is sufficiently different for me to spend some time just familiarizing myself with the software. I was a Cakewalk user since their DOS version of Cakewalk Pro.

Go to the Edit menu and then to the Range> section. You’ll find everything you need there. And you can assign shortcuts to all the option there.