Newbie Question, Please

How do I set up my Cubase 7 Artist inputs and ports to record music emanating from the computer? My computer attaches to an MR 816X via FireWire.

I can record guitar plugged into the Hi-Z jack input but I have no clue as how to capture in a Cubase track what the computer plays with say, the media player, or YouTube, etc.

Many thanks

You need a loopback input.

My interface has an input pair (31-32) that is the overall output of the interface.

If you don’t have one of those in your interface you can do it manually.

Have cables from an output pair routed to an input pair. Then setup the interface so that the output pair you used has the main output signals on it and then record from the input pair.

You don’t want to monitor that input, so leave it no output or don’t push the monitor button.

Then you can record the overall sound.

I use that to record a mix when I have a problem with audio mixdown.

There may be a software solution similar to virtual midi ports but for audio.

Tacman’s answer is very good.

To grab something from youtube, I use a program called Youtube to MP3.
This wont work directly into Cubase, because it is no ASIO, but might help.