Newbie Question

I’m making the conversion from Cakewalk SONAR to Cubase 9.5. In Cakewalk SONAR I would add a track, then route the track audio to a buss. In the buss I would have an FX Chain. Then I route the buss output to the Master. Can this sort of setup be accomplished in Cubase 9.5? Please show me how.

Please provide detailed steps.


Thanks. I did some searching on YouTube. Came across the following video. It worked for me. Is there a different way to do it within 9.5?

In Cubase the stereo out is the equivalent of the master bus in sonar.
Busses in Cubase are referred to as group channels. These also function as patch points. A good overview of the difference is here…

Thanks. This is a bit of a paradigm shift for me. I like it! This makes things a lot easier.