Newbie question

I’m trying to set up Cubase LE on my laptop, but under Audio Connections - Outputs it tells me I have no Audio Device connected. Not even the built in speakers. Have I missed something obvious, or is it really the case that Cubase is so refined it won’t deign to use the speakers built into the laptop?

Hi and welcome,

First you have to select your ASIO driver in Studio > Studio Setup > VST Audio System. Please see this video. The menu entry has been renamed, but the principle is still the same.

Thanks Martin! I have that set to “Generic low-latency ASIO driver”. I downloaded the driver for my input device (H4n Pro Handy Recorder), but whenever I try and click on the correct driver I get told “No Device”. That is another issue I have to resolve, or is that part of the same problem?


This is part of the problem.

Try to install ASIO4ALL (if you are on Windows) and use this driver instead of Zoom driver, please.

@OP: ASIO4all is for PC, not Mac

Thanks! I was thinking to something else already, and I was in Mac… :smiley:

I fixed it in my original post.