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hi, I have 3 separate tracks in pro 8 all from the loop browser, I am triggering each track via solo and mute creating one single piece of music, my question is how can I record a new track so that I can record all the events I am creating so that it is one single track with all the triggering im doing? now I am not sure if I have used the correct terminology here but I hope you can understand what I am trying to do, I did some research where it said use stereo out as your input in the VST connections? however I cannot find or create this input, any advice is more than welcome
thank you

No need to make one track for this - just repeat your parts out across the arrange page for however many bars you want then simply mute those sections that you don’t want playing. You can repeat your existing 3 parts as follows:


hi thanks for your reply but that’s not exactly what I want to do, I want to play the parts individually so they will record onto a separate track for about four mins long, hope this helps, but I never new about that repeat function so that’s a big thanks to you :slight_smile:

Ah, got it (I think) - not something I do but it sounds like you want to do a loopback with your audio device so that the outputs of the 3 tracks are routed back into Cubase on a new track all while you’re live mixing. You’re correct, you make the selections in the VST Connections menu. Grab the Operations Manual PDF and start on page 22 as you’ll want a solid understanding of how Cubase routes signals - you don’t want a feedback loop to occur. Perhaps others who might also record this way can weigh in.

Good luck

thanks again for the reply, everything I have read suggests I create an audio track with input being stereo out, this is then supposed to record the output of the other 3 tracks onto the the 1 new audio track, but in the vst connections for input there is no stereo out to insert into the audio track input??? I think others may call it bouncing 3 tracks into 1???

You have to add those outputs to your VST Connections input section if your hardware will allow it - otherwise, you’ll have to manually patch outs to ins. But, since you’re using a DAW for this, why not take advantage of all Cubase can do for you by playing your tracks back while manually mixing your soloing/mutes, etc. but this time have Cubase record your actions with the automation feature using the Write and Read buttons on each track; manual pg. 575. You’ll have to extend out those parts out like I mentioned earlier but you’ll be able to record your actions in real time during playback but preserve the raw tracks you started with and the ability to make changes without having to re-record the whole 4 minutes. Once you have everything where you want it, you simply export your audio tracks, automation included, as a mix down file; manual pg 938.

naaaa tried everything, no way can I get a stereo out as an input to an audio track to record :frowning: (using Steinberg CI1)
thanks for replying

take a look how easy it is in Cubase 5, I’m using pro 8 and don’t have this facility???

It works exactly the same in C8 as in C5.

for the life of me I cant find it or figure it out?? and if you know that it works exactly the same way in 8 then why not share your knowledge with a newb?

The video you linked to shows how.

  1. Create an audio track
  2. Set the audio tracks output to ‘No Bus’
  3. Set the audio tracks input to ‘Stereo Out’
  4. Arm the audio track for record.
  5. Record.

I just followed what was in the video and it worked for me so maybe it’s hardware related? Are you not seeing routing boxes or are you not seeing the outputs being available as inputs? Remember that you need to turn off the outputs on the new track first (NO BUSS) before you set the inputs to STEREO OUT otherwise a feedback loop will occur.

Of course you need to have the Inspector visible to do this.

@krisp your not reading what I’m writing… there is no facility for stereo out as an input in vst devices or GUI in my c8

@ krisp, pmsl, I take it back it worked as you said and also as su said, but what I didn’t realise was after all this because the playback is on a cycle it will only record as far as the cycle which means I cant record a longer recording lol , so it was back to su’s repeat function, however, thank you for your replies :slight_smile:

No problem! And welcome aboard!

thx :slight_smile: now lets talk about Harmony Improvasitor !!! :slight_smile: