Newbie questions on ELEMENTS!

Hi everyone and thank you for reading my post.
After thoroughly reading all 670 or so pages of the manual. There are some technical as well as DAW related questions that I have burning inside.
The list of questions are of descending important with regards to my current technical level.
If there is a question you can clear up for me, I would HIGHLY appreciate your time and knowledge.

Questions are of follows:

  1. With accordance to installing VST plugins and instruments. I have major issues as such with process. For my Mac, I cannot select the destination of where the VST has gone with the addition of not being able to physically find the files that Cubase needs to identify the VST. Also I have has this strange issue where the VST is detected however when I try to use it in a project, the VST pops up at a scaled size with a black background. When i click this box, the VST turns into and a form of image where none of the setting dials can be interacted with. HOW to fix this?


  2. I am very confused with AISO drivers. I do not know what hardware or software is required in order to acquire a driver. Please suggest any hardware/software for my mac, ALSO i would like to know the full capabilities in a general sense for hardware/software that have AISO drivers.

  3. I did this before but I had forgotten how to do it. How do I open up a VST instrument automatically has the volume automation set underneath and has “VST instruments” on top of the track settings part.


  4. In cubase, the buttons no longer identify what each button is when the cursor is over it. I made a preset of preferences before the issue, but the default settings do not fix this. I would like this function to come back because I’m not 100% familiar with the DAW.


  5. If i am not mistaken, the re-record function turns the VST instrument settings, inserts and editor inputs in to audio inputs during playback. I tried doing this myself but it does not work at all. How do i make this possible?

    6.What is the main purpose of the audio part editor and sample editor. A proficient explanation was not provided for this detail.


  6. Define the purpose and functions of the FX channel and Group channel that make one different to the other.


  7. What forms of hardware are considered to be busses?


  8. Is the generic remote device a useful tool and what types of midi’s do u need to use this, the explanation had technical terms which make no sense.


  9. Have no clue how you can have more audio tracks than you have VST System Link busses (physical outputs)?

    This are my 10 questions. Again, thank you for helping me out!

Hi and welcome,

  1. This is much better on Mac, then on Windows. You don’t need to select the folder. There is predefined folder, which is always use by all vendors. So, just don’t take care about it. The black background, or the smaller plug-in window says you, you are using 32-bit plug-in in 64-bit Cubase (via VST-Bridge). I would recommend you to download and install 64-bit plug-in version, in this case.

  2. ASIO driver is needed to get low latency (to be able to hear the signal “immediately”, once you press the key). This is very different, which hardware to use. It depends, do you want to use Microphones, how many? As a simple one, I could recommend for exampl Steinberg UR12.

  3. Do you meen Tooltips? Open Preferences > General, and enable “Show Tips”.

  4. No, this is not the Re-Record function. What you are describing, it sounds like “Render in Place” function to me. This renders the VSTi track to the Audio track.

  5. To be able to edit an Audio signal, work with time-stretch or Pitch Shifting…

  6. FX is to apply one effect to more tracks at once, with possibility to set the level (depth) of every single effect. Very often use for overall Reverb, for example. Group is to “group” more tracks to one fader. For example, you mix your drums. Your drums are done, but you want to mix it with other instruments. To be able to set the volume of the whole Drum Group at once, we are using Group.

  7. Yes, it is useful, when you want to control Cubase from your MIDI device. You can use MIDI Notes, MIDI Controllers, Program Changes, AfterTouch.

  8. You don’t need VST System Link. This is useful, when you are syncing two computers with two Cubase (which is not your case, I guess). Please, disable all ports in the VST System Link. To create more virtual outputs of the Virtual Instruments, click to the Activate Outputs icon, in the Inspector of the track (Track Name tab), which is on the same line, as the Instruments name.