newbie questions

Hi, first time in this forum. Just bought Cubase 7, along with the CI1 interface, and Sequel and WaveLab. I need some help! I have a Gateway computer, brand new, no problems with that. Alesis powered speakers, and my Korg digital piano. I can input midi into Cubase, but it doesn’t play back. I have hooked up the piano via a min-jack to the CI1 adapter, and my midi cables go into the midi ports on my computer. I can see the midi recording into Cubase - the volume mixers showing me that - but no sound out The speakers are hooked up to the computer via USB. Something’s missing, but I don’t know what, possibly another cable, but again I have no idea. I don’t know if anyone can help me here, or not. I also want to record myself along with a playback track, either one I’ve created or from an MP3.

This may not be enough information for anyone to be able to help me, but if you can, thanks very much!


1.MIDI needs a sound generating device to be heard the MIDI levels in the mixer are no audio volume indicators, they are MIDI data indicators
2.Your speakers need to be hooked up to your CI1 via audio connection.

Hi. Thanks. I’ll take another look at it.