Newbie Questions . . .

I recently bought a Zoom H6 and it came with Cubase LE6.

How does Cubase LE6 fit into the rest of the Cubase product line? I notice that Cubase Elements is a $50 upgrade, and I was under the impression that Elements was the beginner, entry-level product, so how does LE6 compare with that, and how do its features compare with the bigger products? Is there anywhere I can see a chart comparing all these different versions of Cubase?

I need a product that can interface to my MIDI keyboard ( it’s a Yamaha full 88-key electronic piano with a MIDI port) Also that I can use to take multiple tracks and adjust the pitch or tempo of one to match the other. Plus the usual general editing stuff like cutting, pasting, fading, narrowing or widening dynamics, equalizing, etc. I need to be able to export to MP3 or WAV.

Thanks in advance!