Newbie setup question mgx10,cubase Ai,moxf8

I am working on my setup currently I am using a Yamaha mg10Xu connected to my surface pro laptop. just for kicks I am running some music on pc and I am getting sound just fine through my monitor speakers. these are plugged into the mixer. I loaded the drivers and opened Cubase AI8. Heres where I get lost as I have not learned to use Cubase yet. and i’m struggling to understand the signal path layout I should be doing between these devices.

My question is…shouldn’t here be some kind of virtual mixer that looks just like the mg10xu that I can pull up and control from Cubase? I’m not seeing this or where to pull it up.

Next question do I really need an audio interface if I have Cubase and a mixer and a moxf8 music synthesizer. I have the option to run one usb cable from the mixer to my PC and one usb cable from the MOXF to the pc.

Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.


Since the Mg10xu is an analog mixer - certainly not. In any case open the manual(s) they tell you how it´s got to be.

In your case both (mg10xu / moxF8) should be capable of being the audio interface (not at the same time though…)