Newbie: Software is greyed out in my 6 gen iPad, won’t work🥹

Hello All😊
I have a 6th gen iPad and I just got the Evo 4 interface, which came with Steinberg downloads(Cuba’s e and Le) included. Wanted to use to record vocals in GarageBand however, when I follow the links given me to download the features and licenses Everything looked greyed out when I tapped on it in the area where it saved to my iPad. I deleted them bc they took up space I think just looked useless.

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong maybe someone on here can explain. Thank you for reading … Have a nice day.:butterfly:

What program are you using?


Do you mean daw? Idk I’m using GB and that’s all. Also, I’ve been binge watching YouTube videos about this problem and it’s so difficult trying to find out the answers. I basically just saw a few moments ago that the evo 4 interface somehow may not allow you to plug the headset and the microphone to hear at the same time in iPad iOS :woman_shrugging:t4:

Hello There Steve and thank-you for trying to help! I got frustrated with the process and no longer have the device. Went back to my scarlet 2i2 interface…Happy creating to you :slight_smile:

Good move!

Back at you!