Newbie stuck in note entry

I’m a brand newbie trying to figure out note entry (not easy and intuitive to ME! Finale since the 90’s has probably corrupted my brane.) Undaunted, I’ve worked through the tutorial, watched a couple YouTubes, and I didn’t get far entering a simple piece before I am stuck. I’ve attached a screenshot of Finale showing what I’m trying to accomplish (so far), a screenshot of my score in Dorico, and the Dorico file itself. Specifically you’ll notice in Dorico that I have two "bar 2’s ", the second bar 2 insists on being 2/4 even though I’ve specifically set it to 4/4 (and I set the time signature to 4/4 in the bars before and after in a futile attempt to solve the problem). If I double-click on the first note in the second bar 2 it’s showing only 2 quarter notes in the rhythm grid (as you can see in the screenshot). What am I missing? THANKS! (Dorico Unfortunately I can’t upload my Dorico file.

Hit Escape to get out of Note Entry mode. Then select and delete each of the extra time signatures and see if it sorts itself out. For what it’s worth, you can add a time signature anywhere you like in Dorico (including midway through an existing bar). Dorico will re-bar the following music automatically, but ONLY up to the next time signature. I suspect you got into this mess by adding a 4/4 time signature half way through (the original) bar 3, probably with a half note pickup.

Thanks. Deleting all the rot in all the voices after bar 2 seemed to do the trick!

If you are entering notes by clicking with the mouse, you can’t add notes to the end of the score unless you first create some empty bars.

If you are using the computer keyboard or a MIDI keyboard for note entry, if the note entry cursor is at the end of the score and you add a note Dorico will automatically create a new bar to contain it.

If you are using the computer keyboard, the easiest way to “input a rest” is to select the duration and then press space to move the note entry cursor to the right. Dorico won’t actually show the rest in the score until you create another note. In fact (unlike other notation software) rests don’t really exist at all in Dorico, except for special purposes - they are just “gaps between the notes” which Dorico fills up with the correct rests according to the time signature and engraving rules. So if you copy and paste a passage starting at a different position in a bar, the notation of the rests (and notes!) may change automatically - you don’t have to manually adjust tied notes etc to make the notation correct.