Newbie Tuplet Help Required

I have entered a vocal part (using 2 voices) and have the tuplet showing twice. Is there an easy way to hide one of these?

I have been selecting tuplets from the left hand toolbar.



Open the Properties panel at the bottom of the screen (Ctrl-8).

It might not be quite obvious, but to hide the tuplet completely you need to change the “number” property to “display only the bracket”, and the “bracket” property to “display only the number” !

A “signpost” flag will then appear in the score to remind you where the invisible tuplet is.

Thanks Rob,

Does that have to be applied to each layout individually? Only seems to have applied to the score and not parts.

IIRC there has been some comments about copying properties between different layouts, but Dorico doesn’t do that yet.

Of course if you had two instrumental parts on one staff in the score but as separate parts for the players, you wouldn’t want to hide the tuplet in the parts.

Why isn’t there a “hide” property for tuplets? Just curious.

There isn’t a single property because there are two properties, one for the bracket and one for the number.