NEWBIE !!! When rendering a file over processed

File sounds great when playing back in window, but sounds over processed when rendered. I am using UAD2 plugins. I know its probably a simple fix, but after trying multiple things for about 5 hours thought I would ask for help.

Thanks in Advance


Aloha n, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Is the rendered file being played back
thru the same audio I/O system as the DAW?

And BTW what is your audio I/O device (and ‘puter and OS)?

Sounds like you’re listening through the same plugin chain again. When rendering, check the box next to ‘bypass on resulting file’, or some such wording…

Thanks for taking the time. My interface is a UAD2 Apollo Quad. My computer is a mac pro 2.8 ghz quad core Intel Xeon. The rendered file is being played back through the same I/O device.


Sorry I’ll get the posting figured out soon. OS 10.6.8

Yeah, you’re hearing the mastered file playing back through the Master Section again. There’s a check-box to “Bypass Master Section on resulting audio file,” or you can click on the little speaker icon at bottom right of Wav file display to make it stop routing through MS.

Morning enjneer,
Thank you for replying. When I rendered the file the bypass box was checked. I also have played back with the speaker icon turned off and got the same results. I also backed out of wave lab and played the rendered file through iTunes only and got the same results. The only way I’ve been able to get a clean file is to take the o
main outs from the Apollo and record them to tape them take the file and burn to disc, can’t do that forever takes a lot of time. I see you have a similar setup but you use 10.9. I still use 10.6.8 because I still use Final Cut Pro 7 for my video work. Could that be an issue? I could install wave lab on another mac that I have Yosemite on and try that. But it would be nice to keep it all on my Mac Pro. Any suggestions?

Using 10.6 shouldn’t be an issue—I was still on 10.6 when I installed WL…

I can’t think of what would be causing your issue other than playing through the Master Section again! … can you do a screen cap of all of WL when it’s playing back the now-too-loud WAV?

I sincerely appreciate your help. I took a screen cap of each part of the the render process. The volume actually is reduced. Ill try to make sure they are in order. see attached
before render.png

Preparing to render attached
preparing to render.png

Post Render Attached
after render playback.png

I’m stumped for now! :frowning: Especially if you’re hearing an over-processed file when you play it in iTunes…

The resulting master is much quieter than the original (unless you’re zoomed vertically in the first two pics)—is that what you wanted?

How about the Apollo? I recently had a student with the Apollo Duo and we had some surprises sometimes when it’s mixer would have plugins loaded in its inserts—they can hide within the busses…
The other thing would be to go into Audio MIDI Setup and see if there’s a boost / trim happening within the OS. This has happened to me before.

That’s all I got for ya for now.

Problem Solved: Wavelab 7 doesn’t work with UAD 2 Apollo Quad! I think it is because the Apollo has its own outboard processors. I mastered using only steinberg plugins and the song rendered just fine. I do like the quality of the plugins in the Apollo, so I will just have to grab the pre-rendered mastered signal on the main outs and record it. a lot of extra work, but the UAD 2 Apollo plugins are great. Thanks to all those who helped.