Newbish Query #743: Cubase 7 in 32-bit and 64-bit mode?

Hi -

I have Cubase 7 in a box still, waiting for my new rig to be bought in the next month or so (hopefully). The OS will be W7, W8, or W8.1 .

I have some plug-ins and a UAD-1 card that are 32-bit. I’ve heard that bridging can be a problem sometimes, JBridge or otherwise.

So, I was wondering … can Cubase be installed in both a 32-bit AND a 64-bit version? So if I’m using a 32-bit plug-in, or the UAD-1 card, I’d fire up Cubase 7 or 7.5 in the 32-bit version, but otherwise use the 64-bit version?

Thanks for helping me come up to speed on this stuff -


No idea about Win 8 (7 here).

What I know is that I’ve waited for UADs to provide 64 bit versions before I made the switch from 32 to 64 bit. Just from rumours that the internal bit bridge wouldn’t work stable with UADs.

So, for UAD1 in 32 bit the best solution would be Cubase in 32 bit as well. Or just give 64 bit Cubase a try and see how it works. Many people have reported good success with jBridge (never tried myself). Or update to UAD2 and embrace the 64 bit world natively.