Newby question: a way to close a project with a single key command

Moving from Logic to Cubase. Is there a way to close a project with a single key command in Cubase? I use two screens one with the arrangement window and the other with the mixer window. Sometimes I’ll have a bunch of other windows open, score, plugin manager etc… When I press CMD-W it just closes one of my open windows not the whole project. Is there a way to just close the whole project?

I just found a key command Close All Windows which I’ve mapped to a key, this does the trick!

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Yeah, but then you have to open those windows again.

Using Applescript and Bome Midi Translator Pro you could create a macro that can activate the project window (“the arrangement window”) and then simulate the cmd+w keyboard combination (to close the window).

-- (Applescript code to activate the project window and close it)

-- this tells Cubase to be the frontmost app
tell application "Cubase 10.5" to activate

-- this tells the project window to be the frontmost window
tell application "System Events"
	tell application process "Cubase 10.5"
		perform action "AXRaise" of (first window whose name contains "Cubase Pro Project")
	end tell
	-- this tells the frontmost app to close
	keystroke "w" using command down
end tell

Or alternatively a macro as follows:

Project > Bring To Front
File > Close

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Thanks for this. Actually though it turns out it does remember all the open windows with my method above.

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“Close All” won’t make Cubase remember what windows were open if you don’t save the session first, so I’d suggest creating a macro out of these commands:

  1. File > Save
  2. Windows > Close All
    (the first command is there to ensure that the state of the session is remembered)

@paka 's macro is better because sometimes you’ll want to quit Cubase without saving…

Ah, I see. Thanks for that.

Have you tried CTRL+Q (shortcut for “quit”)? It seems like it will also ask you whether you want to save the project if you haven’t done so. Best.

The OP doesn’t want to quit Cubase. Only to close the active project.

Close every window and zone and only leave Project Window visible. Save it as a Workspace and assign a shortcut. You can combine that shortcut with command+w and create a macro.

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