neweest update: playback and volume question

hello all and happy holidays!

I did a quick check with the update and when selected alto sax and composed a phrase i noticed articulation was successful!! However, using Forte, piano, etc…did not perform…
so…what am I doing wrong? Do I need to view something in a dialogue?

Once I dial this in, I can use this software as my primary!!

thanks all for your kindness and patience’s!

Unfortunately we have not yet been able to add support for VST Note Expression, and some sounds (including the sax sounds in HALion Sonic SE) require VST Note Expression rather than e.g. channel volume or note on velocity to produce changes in dynamic, but this is a high priority for the New Year so hopefully it will make its way into the next big update.

sound great! thanks for taking the time to communicate with me! cheers!