Newer Dorico version has broken previously working Tucking index setup

In a newer Dorico version (I don’t know exactly which one), a previously working setup using the Tucking Index Property is now broken as can be seen in the next example. The left side is the older, correct version.

No matter what I change, I just can’t fully revert to the previous, correct version.

I also managed to find the source of problem which is the custom grouping line between the two custom playing techniques: A1 and A2. If I ungroup them, tucking works as expected, but when grouped, they revert to the wrong position.

Is there a solution please? Thank you in advance!

If it might be helpful, I prepared a Dorico file containing only the problematic passage. As said above, when one ungroups the custom playing techniques A1 & A2, the 1xs move up above the As and that’s the expected outcome.

I have now found a workaround! Grouping the 1x custom playing techniques with a “none” line creates the desired effect. Before implementing this workaround in a quite large orchestral work, I would like to know if this will likely break again in a future Dorico Update. Perhaps there is a better future-proof way? Please advise as a deadline is looming…

Thank you!

I’m sorry for this unexpected change in behaviour. It’s caused by the changes we have made in Dorico 5.1.10 and 5.1.20 for the handling of playing techniques that need to go either side of holds and pauses. Dorico now effectively has three “lanes” for playing techniques: glyph-based playing techniques that go inside holds and pauses; text-based or grouped playing techniques that go outside holds and pauses; and bowing marks, that go in their own layer. The order of the latter two layers can be swapped if need be, by way of an engraving option on the Playing Techniques page.

The Tucking index property now works only when you have multiple playing techniques within the same “lane”, though it’s hard to intuit this from the way things are presented in the Properties panel, of course.

I think your proposed workaround of grouping the 1x playing techniques with no continuation line is the best way forwards, because that puts both the 1x and A1/A2 playing techniques in the same “lane” and hence allows you to tuck them as you require.


Thank you very much! This is exactly what I needed! Have a good day!

Sorry for replying to a solved thread, but I have a follow-up question

If there are 2 stacked playing techniques, one text-based and one glyph-based, is there nothing to be done about tucking them as desired? I managed to have quite a lot of such situations and don’t know how to handle them. Moving each one of them in engrave mode is time-consuming and inexact while transforming the text-based playing technique into a glyph-based one center alignes it… What’s the best way to handle these kind of situations?

A very short excerpt of such situation:

I’m afraid there isn’t anything further you can do automatically, except as you’ve found to group them with other playing techniques. Otherwise they will always be processed in order, with the glyph going closest to the note, then the text.

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Ok, thanks!