Newly created folders on unsaved projects

If I create a new project, Cubase creates a new folder and subfolders for it. Yet, if I close out of the application, without saving the project, the folder and associated subfolders remain.

Is there a way to get Cubase to automatically delete those? I have around a hundred (or more) of these empty folders in my Projects main folder.


It’s a known and already reported issue. Thank you.


Thank you for this information. Do you know where I can see this reported issue to confirm it is the same and monitor it?


It has been reported in the internal bug tracking system. Sorry, it’s not public.

Oh I see. Could you paste the body of the ticket so I can confirm it is indeed the same issue I’m reporting? I would be upset to be waiting around for a major issue to be resolved and it isn’t really logged because of a misunderstanding on the issue at hand.


Here we go:

  1. Create an empty project.
    → New Untitled-X folder has been created in the Cubase Projects folder.
  2. Close the project.

=> The -Untitled-X_ folder remains in the Cubase Projects folder.

The folder becomes deleted, same as it was in Cubase 9.0. This is new since Cubase 9.5.

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Thank you, Martin, for being gracious to share that.

It is the only change I really want to see in Cubase 12. I don’t care about any new features more than this. So I hope they resolve the issue!

Hello. Was this issue addressed in the release of Cubase 12?


Sorry, it wasn’t.

Thank you, Martin, for letting me know.

I think that’s a shame on the part of Steinberg. It’s clear to me it will never be resolved. And it can’t be that difficult to resolve. Just delete the folder on exit if unsaved.