newly enabled track visibility


I’ve just switched to Cubase (I have 10 Pro), and am building an orchestral template. I don’t use any sort of network solution however and just have many instrument tracks that are disabled by default, and I enable them when needed.

My only issue so far is that I have all my, for example, violin 1 patches going to a group track and in the mixer, I have the individual violin 1 tracks hidden, as after the initial setup I don’t really need to use them as they’re all routed. However, if I enable a track, even if it was hidden when I disabled it, it won’t remember this settings and will be visible in the mixer.

Can anyone think of a solution? I have 0 experience with Cubase so I’m not really sure what my options are.


Hi and welcome,

The only one solution I can imagine is to make a Macro:

  • Enable selected track
  • Hide selected track