Newly installed Elements 9.5 crashing

After finally figuring out the elicenser upgrade for my Cubase 5 LE to Elements 9.5, the program now wont open. It starts to load and crashes within seconds.
I installed the program before figuring out licensure, but have since reinstalled and I’m still having the same results.
Any suggestions out there? Never had any problems with Cubase 5 LE recording hundreds of songs over the years. Any help is greatly appreciated.
My next attempt will be to manually uninstall everything and re download from the “my steinberg” page on my account.


If you have NVIDIA graphics card, follow this article, please.

If not, share the crash file via Dropbox, please.

Thanks. I do not have that graphics card and the error is not showing up in the log. The only thing I see that has failed with an error lately is “Steinberg HALion Sonic SE content for Cubase LE AI Elements—Installation failed.”

I’m currently manually uninstalling everything now. This is definitely not worth it.


What graphic card do you have? What chip?

So does Cubase shows the splash screen?

Make sure you install from the Full Installer, not update it upgrade. And then make sure you have the very latest update installed (currently 9.5.21).

Thanks Martin,

I uninstalled everything from my programs and deleted previous downloads of Elements 9.5 and Elements Update 9.5.21
I re-downloaded both again from the Steinberg download assistant and reinstalled both programs.
Once again the elicenser stated that I’d need an older version because the new elicenser is for Windows 7 or newer…I have Windows 7 home premium.
Once the full Cubase elements 9.5 was installed, I then opened and installed the update 9.5.21
After downloading the elicenser and performing the maintenance update I attempted to open the Cubase elements program from the shortcut on the desktop page. The same thing happened again, over and over.
It starts to open and runs for approximately 2 seconds and then vanishes from the screen.
When the program opens it starts to quickly load (just like my Cubase 5 le did flawlessly) it starts with Initializing… elements, then elc, then I can barely see something like GUI resources before it vanishes.
I have an AMD 880G with ATI mobility Radeon HD 4250 (I have no idea what any of this means btw)
It says chip type ATI display adapter (0x9712)
I do not know what the “splash screen” is.
Here is some more info about my computer

It’s a Compaq Presario CQ62 recently restored to factory settings
It has Windows 7 Home Premium installed
It has an AMD Athlon II Dual-Core Processor 2.10 GHz
Its 64 bit OP
It has 8 GB of RAM

I just reinstalled Cubase 5le from a 5 year old disc and I’m up and running on the old program in less than 5 minutes.
New Elements 9.5 not even opening after multiple installations and hours of futile attempts. Infuriating to say the least.
Anyone know how to get a refund for an upgrade? Yeah, fat chance right. lol Still waiting on help from them 3 days ago.

Is your Windows 7 fully up to date ?

I don’t know how CE9.5 shows up on a Windows machine but on my Mac, since I unticked the pref to show the Steinberg Hub on startup, when the startup screen is done, Cubase appears to be gone. Only clue is the name on the Mac menu bar, up top. Do you get a message that the app crashed? If not maybe the Hub doesn’t start up so you think the app vanished!! Do you have any Cubase menu on the top pf your screen?



I would be also interested when exactly does it crash.