Newly Upgraded to Pro with a Couple of Issues

Hello to all. Over the weekend I upgraded from C9 Elements to Pro. Before I get into the issue I’m having I think I should mention that before upgrading, I did a Pro 9 trial and a Halion 6 trial. Before installing Pro, I uninstalled Halion and Elements. On the Pro install I chose to install the instrument content on another hdd.

Now every time I start Pro I get about 7 messages looking for Halion Sonic Factory preset files. It gives me the option to ‘Remove’ assuming if I select it that I won’t get the messages anymore.

Before I do, Im wondering are these are instruments that I’m supposed to have with the install or are the files the system is looking are traces left behind from the Halion Trial?

The bigger issue is whenever I’m loading instruments from the Preset browser or from the Media Bay, get a flurry of “A serious error has occurred…” they roll out like a deck of cards until Cubase finally crashes.

I did a search but didn’t quite come across anything that matched.

If anyone has any ideas about this, I’d really appreciate the help. Thanks

You can safely click remove assuming that you fully installed Cubase Pro along with the Halion Sonic SE content. To make sure that everything is where it should be, you can run the Cubase Pro 9 installer again and make it reinstall everything. You wont lose any settings.

That’s what I was hoping.

Do you think the install has anything t do with the browser/media bay thing?


If it continues happening even after clicking remove, reinstalling Cubase might fix it (or completely uninstalling and then reinstalling).

Turns out the problem was with Halion SE. I took your advice and did the fresh install plus the H SE hotfix. Seems to be okay now. Thanks for the assistance RTP