News and announcement about the next Cubuse 7 update?

Any news or announcement about the next Cubase 7 update going to be release?

I think its more then me that just wonder when… :slight_smile:

I’m amazed how stable DAW Cubase 7 is on Windows 7 x64 in my everyday work. Its really a Top professional product.
Cubase 7 are the one of the best Cubase version that I had the pleasure to work with so far. :wink:

Thanks in advance and for making a outstanding product, Steinberg Team.

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Yes I agree, it’s quite good…but I want to enjoy all of it so, please finish the few bumps & kinks before moving to a new version! :wink:

…like mixer track lane colors…please!

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We need another round of mixer fixes so I can finally use it.

:laughing: :mrgreen:

Its not that bad… :wink:

It would be great if they solve the MIXER-“keycommands”, so it get recognized globally.
Its very odd and confusing that you need to activate the mixer-view with help of the mouse on example the second-“monitor”, to make it react on the specific keycommands?

Setup a new “option” and make a specific keycommand that make the “MIXER-view” scroll LEFT or RIGHT on all the mixer channels. That would be gold. :slight_smile:

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And how much $$$?

You know what would be a great feature? I think it would be awesome if I could see the insert dialog on my 2nd monitor so I can select inserts.

Oh here’s another one … How about when I have two plugins open I can see them both instead of one being buried behind the mixer and require 3 clicks to bring it to the front only to send the one I’m trying to adjust it to into mixer oblivion.

Please fix the Insert handling and remove the hidden mouse-over buttons. If you work a lot with Inserts effects the current style is terrible.

Workflow shouldn’t be depending on where you come in from with your mouse pointer + a timer for the hidden button(s) to show! Buttons bigger than the background insert slot is a terrible way to design something… I really don’t understand. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Steinberg fix this. It WAS good before (I don’t mean that you have to go back - just make the current version better).

We can’t use plugins on top of the mixer while working in the project window. Those of us who use two or more screens are not happy with this.

I hope it’s more than just a few bug fixes -I’ve paid for a working version of Cubase already.

An updated score editor is my number one priority, followed closely by track freezing.

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I would like to see always visible On/Bypass/PrePost-Buttons - without the use of any mouse-overs!
and I would like to see values (!)- always visible in every send slot!

Please STOP this mouse-over madness. Now.