news and tuturials

anybody had any problems opening the NEWS AND TUTORIALS ?? in the STEINBERG HUB, just dosent want to connect for some reason

at least two more users with this problem

Have got the same problem, no connection. :frowning:

It connects for me but it takes a good 30-60 seconds… very slow.

I was able to see and view news and tutorials fine but had a glitch where all headings stayed selected after mouseover and all links in window below lost their styling and switched to default font.

In addition clidking on a video opened you tube in IE which is not my default browser. Not a huge deal but not preferred and saw no way to change it in prefs. I might have missed it though.

The hub doesn’t connect for me.


The Steinberg Hub needs some work.

Maybe the dev. team can tell us what command line goes with the links.
IE is not installed on my DAW, Chrome is.
display bug.jpeg

Not connecting here either. :laughing:

Aloha guys,

I find that if I clik on a .cpr file,
1-Cubase opens the hub but it will never connect
2-till I press cancel.
3-Then the file opens.

But If I double-clik the Cubase icon (no specific .cpr file)
to open the app only, the hub then connects.