News Feed

Mines not working and I’m a bit disappointed I didn’t hear about 10.5. Any suggestions on fixing the news feed?




What can you see in the left tab of Steinberg Hub?

Maybe some antivirus or firewall settings blocks the communication?


The left tab is blank. When starting the Hub, there is a brief flash of “connecting” or something like that.

Thanks for the thought about antivirus. I’ve checked the firewall settings and they seem to be fine. I can’t find any other settings that look relevant. Turning the firewall off caused it to spend a bit longer with “connecting” on the screen but it still failed. Interestingly, I tried Cubase 9.5 which is still installed and the news feed on that doesn’t work anymore either, but it does leave a message up saying “no internet connection”, which is clearly incorrect as I’m talking to you!