NEWS: Finale 27 and SMuFL

Are you going to tell us which is which? :wink:

Here’s MM’s Knowledge Base article about the Font Licensing. I think it’s entirely clear that:

  1. The fonts are licensed under SIL.
  2. The SIL licence gives permission to any person to “use, study, merge, embed, modify, redistribute…” the fonts.

I didn’t want to label them as to not color opinions with preconceived ideas about individual fonts. Pretty sure you’ll get the far right one though :wink:

Not in order, they are the 3 new Finale SMuFL fonts (Legacy, Engraver, Maestro), Opus (non-SMuFL Sib font), Leland (MuseScore SMuFL font), November 2, Ben’s Sebastian, and Bravura. I’m not personally really interested in any “handwritten” fonts so I didn’t include them as this was mostly a comparison for myself, nor do I own any of Nor Eddine Bahha’s or Abraham Lee’s fonts, although I should probably rectify that in the future!

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Thanks, Ben. For the record, I feel that my original question remains unanswered. At this point it is not clear (at least to me) that obtaining SMuFL Maestro for free from the Finale 27 demo, rather than buying Finale 27, gives one a SIL license.

SIL fonts are uncategorically free. They can be shared freely. They can be used freely. There’s no requirement to purchase anything in order to get them.

The purchase of Finale doesn’t relate at all to the SIL license.

Thanks, Dan. That is more definitive and, I think, answers my question.

There is actually even an option in the demo installer to install fonts only. That’s what I did for now, as I own Finale 25 and do not intend to upgrade.

You can add Tutti, Soli and Scordatura clefs to your list, make screenshots from my pdf samples I put on my website ;-).

Well, I’ve tried to fill the missing glyphs of Finale Legacy and Finale Engraver with glyphs from Finale Maestro , now the three fonts all features about 2746 glyphs each. While I only added braces and brackets to Finale Jazz, Finale Broadway & Finale Ash.

Finale 27 (639.4 KB)

Later, I will try to modify the substituted glyphs with the original look, a heavy task.


Hi! Did you ever continue your work making these Finale fonts more Dorico compatible?

I tried installing those files you sent, but got these kind of results after they were installed:

Finale Maestro still works fine, which is the one I like to use!

Hola le saludo desde Perú, Finale versión 27. EL comienzo super genial, despues varios días. El formato y no sé, cuales el original: XML Ó MXL ???..
Hay algún, sale ERROR. Para mi, es mejor FINALE VERSION 26 que el FINALE Versión27.
A veces, confundimos y la hora de la CLASE y como veo, ya cambiaron. algunos cosita y más que el sonido y ojala, que el año 2022, sean mejor que el año 2021 y ojala que no sean, varios ERRORES. Lo sé, MAKE MUSIC - FINALE - MUSICXML - SMARTMUSIC - GARRITAN y ojala que no vuelvan varios ERRORES.
Saludo desde Perú…

You should send your observations to Make Music.

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The Finale support address is here