News with Faderport and Cubase 6

After 3 hours of trying to depcipher the Presonus’s outdated info on the installation disc and their forum, I finally
found a post stating you had to copy the faderport bundle from the Cubase 5/ app/ components folder and paste it into Cubase 6. Now and only now does the Faderport work as advertised. Shame on Presonus for not keeping up to date for their custormers by posting this info on their site. And too bad for anyone using Cubsase 6 who doesn’t have Cubase 5 still on their machine.

I was thinking of getting a Faderport and have never owned Cubase 5! Hmmmm.

I would contact Presonus and tell them to update their knowledge base of the Faderport and obtain the Faderport
.bun for Steinberg. Such Jabronis.