Newzik Advice?

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone has already done some of the homework on this so I don’t have to start completely from scratch. I’m looking for workflow and best practices for using Dorico with the goal of exporting a music xml file that will display the best way possible in Newzik.

I have noticed my older scores exported to music xml do not display very well when read by Newzik (and considering their mutual love for each other’s products I was hoping there would be better compatibility here).

My key pain points:

  1. Rehearsal marks do not display
  2. Music XML file uses Flow data instead of Title data for song title
  3. Slash regions remain blank (I’m guessing this has to do with regions being a visual mask rather than real data in Dorico).

I have just upgraded to Dorico 5 after seeing music xml export improvements sited, but am not seeing improved results in Newzik (obviously an export is only as good as the program importing it but still).

tl;dr - Has anyone figured out a good workflow for producing scores in Dorico that display well as music xml in Newzik while still preserving some amount of engraving quality for print?

Thank you

Last time I used xmls in Newzik, I would use Dorico’s pdf, and load the xml along in order to get a playback. If a software could show the same output quality as Dorico from a xml file, we wouldn’t need Dorico :person_shrugging:
I mean, that’s Dorico main asset!
[Edit] Since Dorico for iPad, I don’t see any benefit of Newzik reading xmls… Newzik is my main app to read scores though :wink:

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Thank you for the reply.

A bit more context:

  1. I need to be able to read the xml files as I play in a band that likes to change the keys of songs without telling the horn section sometimes.
  2. I don’t expect xml files to read like Dorico scores, just that a little bit more detail finds its way over (like non-numeric rehearsal marks and slash regions).