Next bar / prev bar?

Okay, maybe I’m shifting between alternate dimensions but I’d swear this used to be an option.

In key commands, there are numerous Transport options to move to markers. However, nowhere in the key command options or the manual can I find a way to set a key command to move to the next or previous measure.

Prior to the recent purchase of the X-Touch, I was using the CMC-TP for transport, and it has these buttons by default, so it’s obviously something the software supports. And I thought I found a key command option for that before I bought the CMC.

This is a very major part of how I navigate in a project. I’d hate to have to plug the CMC back in for that one thing alone. In fact, this all started because I was trying to map next/ prev to the controller via MCU.

Does anyone know what / where this option is? Maybe I’m just looking for it by the wrong name.

Nudge Cursor Left/RIght.

Hi, Evertone.

Nudge doesn’t navigate, it actually moves the selected object. What I’m looking for is similar to Next Marker / Prev Marker, only by bars, not markers.

I do appreciate you taking the time to help, though.

Hello Chris,

Just to be clear, you are looking at (Nudge CURSOR Left&Right) correct?

Transport - Nudge Cursor Left/Right = Shifts the cursor by the grid type currently selected.

For example, if you have the grid type to Bars, it will shift the cursor by bars, if beat is selected, it shifts the cursor by beats etc…

Nudge left/right is the one that nudges the select event left or right which is totally different than the one I mention.

You can find the key commands in:

Key Commands-> Transport-> Nudge Cursor Left and Nudge Cursor Right.

Ah, that did the trick. I typed Nudge into the search and drew from the Nudge menu rather than the Transport. Corrected that mistake and it’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks, man!

Good to hear. Enjoy!