Next Cubase update promotion

When next Cubase Pro update (from early versions) sale promotion?
Thank you!

Im looking to upgrade from studio 4 to artist and purchase elements for some other band members plus another possible upgrade from elements to pro and wish to know if we would be able to swap files between packages, particularly from pro and artist to elements and if plug ins will work? I’ve submitted an enquiry a couple of weeks ago and am still waiting for a reply.

When it is written on their page.

what time of year do they usually do it?

In the summertime :wink:: july/august (40/50% rabbat), but sure Steinberg will announce it to you by email or written on their website.

They allready did :wink:


I now have Cubase Pro 10
I will for surely get Cubase 10.5 update for $36.
A really good deal.

I checked my Grace period at
Got “grace period updates are available for Cubase 10”
But what I need is a 10.5 to version 11 grace period.
To buy the 10.5 update now and activate it near the release of Cubase 11 and thus get it for no additional funds.

I thought that there were more items in the Steinberg Summer Sale discounts especially a Spectralayers 7 released intro price.

As I said, now it is here till 28th july … 40% Rabat :wink:

No, you don’t. For what you are up to, the grace period is not applicable, just forget about it.

Given Steinberg doesn’t change their policy, at the time you activate your update license, you will get the latest released version of Cubase. If you simply wait and activate your update license - bought at current sale - when Cubase 14 is already released, you will get Cubase 14. Independently of any grace period conditions. Of course, you can’t have 10.5, or any other update, until then… That is the drawback.

The grace period is there for other reasons: In my understanding, it is there for people that have bought and activated an older Cubase version some few weeks before a new Cubase version is released. Sort of protection against »WTF!!1! They release a new version and I just activated the older version yesterday!« This is not the case for you. if I got you right, you did not activate your update license yet.