Next Nuendo 5 update


I’m about to do a fresh, clean install on my system and wondered, is there an upcoming Nuedno update just around the corner? Like 5.1.2 or 5.5 or whatever will be next.

I have the latest video driver update but I thought there was some mention in a thread of another update coming soon. If it was coming in the next couple weeks, I’d just wait and do a fresh install with that but if its still further out then I wouldn’t bother waiting and just re install 5.1.1.

And If nothing has been “officially” mentioned yet then that is a viable answer to!


No, not within a couple of weeks.
But N5.5 is in the works.


Thanks Fredo!

I’ll just plan my update next week and just reinstall my current setup.

Again, thanks for the response!

Didn’t Timo say there would be another update BEFORE N5.5?
Although I dont think a date was given.

see the thread in media lounge for full discussion on this.

I thought there was mention of a release sooner than later along the lines of 5.1.2 not the pending 5.5.
Which is why I asked.

Thank for the link but 8 pages of whining about Cubase 6 vs Nuendo 5 features…well I just don’t have time read and decipher the facts from the fervor in that thread! That’s why I started this one…

So if there’s another update like 5.1.2 or 5.2 or something just around the corner, that’s what I’m asking for an official word on. Because everything else is speculation.


I think Timo wrote about it in one or two of his posts, while talking about an update fee for the 5.5. Go through the thread again and look at his posts only. I’m sure you’ll find it if it’s there…

Hi Lydiot,

the next Nuendo update will be a big maintenance update, that will be available shortly before Nuendo 5.5.
Currently this update is planned for sometime end of June (don’t pin me down to a specific date) and will also include e.g. full 64bit Mac support.


as always, thanks for the communication Timo.

Yes, Thank you Timo!