Next Region Edge command

I’m getting pretty weird results with this. It usually skips the region start and just jumps through the end markers. If I go backwards, sometimes it hits a start, sometimes not…

Is this the shortcuts Ctrl + ) and Ctrl + ( ?

I see them in the Shortcuts preferences where they’re under Transport, but I can’t get them to do anything in the montage or audio file even if I place region markers.

Got it working in the montage, but only for Previous Region Edge (if a CD splice marker is a region edge). Next Region Edge shortcut doesn’t do anything here, but it might be something I’m doing wrong.

It works here (both), but you must not use the num pad keys.

Yes I wasn’t using any num pad keys. I’ve cleared all my custom key shortcuts, and still no Next Region Edge movement in a CD montage. Only Previous Region Edge. So I don’t know. The ) key works ok in another built in shortcut.

It’s still weird for me. I removed the factory key shortcut Ctrl+) that was there, and tried to re-enter it, and it won’t re-enter. It just stays blank when I try to do that.

So I tried entering Ctrl+*, which it let me do without conflict, but when I use that key combination it just opens the Record Window. I know the shortcut for the Record Window is , but should it open the Record Window when Ctrl+ is used? Because it is for me. (I’m not using the numpad *. I’m using , as in shift. All of these are not numpad, because there aren’t any “(” or “)” on the numpad.)

So then I tried entering Ctrl+&, and that works ok for me for Next Region Edge. But I still don’t know why Ctrl+) won’t program in or work for me. Like I said, ) works in other shortcuts.

Also a question, if I use the Reset button in the Shortcuts preferences, does it reset all the factory shortcuts or only my custom shortcuts?

This happens to me on 3 unrelated Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers.

Remove the factory shortcut for Next Region Edge and try to replace it. By holding down Ctrl and Shift and ) .
I get nothing.

Yes, I mean cmd+( and cmd+). So I’m not sure where the numeric keypad comes into play. I can’t imagine what it’s doing for me is the intended behavior…

If you use the buttons and not shortcuts, does it work? If yes, this means this is a shortcut issue.

I had the same results with the buttons. I can try to send screen capture if it’s useful.

Does the defect behaviour happen while playback?

Yes, it does.

I should have formulated my question otherwise:
Does the defect behaviour happen only while playback? (and not in still mode)

It behaves the same in both, thanks.