Next Steinberg sale

Hi guys, been using 7.5 sinve the day it come out but now looking to upgrade to 10.5 at £171

Ive had my moneys worth out of 7.5 and dont mind paying it but would kick myself if i upgraded and a 40% discount popped up a few weeks later as you could understand.

Any idea when the next sale is?or roughly and how often they have them?

Cheers my fellow cubase users and abusers :+1::+1:

me thinks in the summer, if i remember correctly.

They had that 50% off deal a little while ago, i’d google search and check past dates

No way to know in advance but if you can wait AND Steinberg follow the tradition, update and upgrade sales (two separate ones) should be expected in July/August.

Note that ‘update’ is not the same as ‘upgrade.’ According to SB’s site Cubase 7.5->Pro is an ‘update’ so you’ll have to wait for an ‘update’ offer.