Next stop after 8.0.10?

Hi there guys!
Is there some planned update of Cubase Pro 8.0.10 or Steinberg is working on 8.5?

Tell us! :sunglasses:

I’ve been wondering about this too lately. My assumption is that there will be one more maintenance update before 8.5. And I suspect it will be released within a month or so.

Ya im curious too.The first 2 updates seemed to be released within 2 months.Seems to be running fine for me at this stage,in fact it worked pretty fine all the way through.So is 8.5 a paid upgrade and how soon after are the .5 versions usually released?

Usually they release the .5 during the holidays … I expect at least 2 minor updates before .5

Those upgrades are going too fast! Fixing bugs before jumping to the next version would make users happier, I guess.

Yup and im in no rush to upgrade.Ill stay on 8 til 9 at the earliest

Answer from Steinberg? :smiley:

8.0.20 has been confirmed, but no date was given.

Do you mean summer holidays? Thanks, Mike

Nah id say he means xmas.A .5 release,6 months after version 8 would be way too soon surely?Also its a paid upgrade if im not mistaken?

Aloha guys,

(Other than bug fixes), what are we all hoping for with the next update?

More VSTi’s, different workflow, better graphics etc etc?

At least we know (according to Steiny) there will not be
a subscription model. Too bad.


Out of interest, why would you want a subscription model? So many people are obsessed with subscription models. I can’t stand having anymore monthly bills.

Aloha, Curteye! I’d be happy for just three things right now:

  • fix the z-order of windows not being saved with the project bug (driving me batty). It’s always worked, they just broke it in v8.x (and it’s thankfully confirmed).

  • fix the disable track crashing bug (also confirmed).

  • add a pre-fader option to render-in-place.

Then for v8.5 stuff:

  • I’d love to see track versions support automation. It’s such a missed opportunity!

  • More than 6 pre-fader inserts. I’m using plugin chainers to get by, but it’s not ideal.

  • Bezier curves for automation.

  • Removing the Device Setup’s Generic Remote limitation that hardwires any Console objects, like Group Channels and Tracks, to their ordinal position instead of some sort of “identifier” under the hood, like it should be. The issue now is that with the controller assignments being made to a Group Channel’s “ordinal position” in the list, rather than something more permanent, any addition, like even a single Group Channel to the project, breaks everything in the Device Panel / MIDI Controller Device, due to the shifting. They need to have those assignments be based off of something that doesn’t change (like the ID of the object under the hood). So at least fix that, or come out with a major update to it.

And of course not breaking my CMC controllers is always a “silent feature” I enjoy and appreciate, whenever they release an update. :smiley:

I am patiently waiting for The problems with VEPro 5 to be fixed and I will be rather happy as I want to start using it. Something that is driving me up the wall with 8.0.10 is when I go from Cubase to windows Explorer (to look at files etc) sometimes Cubase won’t open/maximise again and just stays in the Windows task bar (resulting in the use of Ctrl Alt Del. I think that Mac style bar at the top is causing some windows management problem so I hope Steinberg get rid of it in an update.

For 8.5 I want:

Channel Re-Order in Mixconsole
Freeze Multiple Channels at Once
Freeze Group Channels
Multiple Marker Tracks
scroll bar on Articulation Lane
Lock Locators
Change multiple channels from Musical to Linear in one go ( Eg Highlight All channels, then press and hold Shift then click once on the Musical/Linear Timebase button)
Lock multiple channels in one go
Retina (and high res screen) support
Faster Render in Place rendering time
Render in Place to MONO.
More Audio Inserts
6 Control Room Cues
Hit button (Instantly turns any audio into a No.1 Hit)

Can’t think of anything else off the top of my head.

For 8.5 (or even 8.0.2):
Fix fonts!!! Mix console too small. Arrange view too big/bold

How about something really basic, which I think should have been added around the C5 era, and enhances workflow such as…

mix undo?

This is one of the biggest annoyances.
It almost 2nd nature to hit CTRL-Z when you want to undo an action or accidentally move a fader.

If you don’t realise it hasn’t undone the fader move and hit redo, you end up undoing something you didn’t mean to and might not realise it straight away.

How on Earth could I forget Mixconsole Undo! Yes, definitely Mixconsole Undo!

8.5 to hit around Dec (going on past releases); one more maintenance update before then…

I would hope for stuff others have already said, but as I’m mostly audio bound, strongly need a VocAlign VocalSync VocalMatch type tool/facility

The time delay in these updates, though completely standard operating procedure, reminds me of how we are always looking into the past when looking at starlight and galaxies.

I mean, wasn’t there chatter about an 8.0.30 build like a year ago?

Maybe some of those experimental internal builds get rolled downward into the next logical release.

Though I bet it’s the opposite, that we’ll see 8.0.20, and then 8.0.30 with a few smaller things right before 8.5.