Next time someone asks you to compose for free...

Send them to this site:


Hi Jeff,

Thanks very much for posting the link.

I listened to their demonstrations and I thought the tuning, timing and harmony was very poor !! Though I suppose clients can not complain if they are getting the music for buck-shee !!

I am still not quite sure WHY exactly the pool of composers have chosen to do create this method of free access to library music ??


Possibility because it is meant to be a joke? It’s not called “Quality Free” by accident. :laughing:


Oh I see. If it’s a JOKE then I totally get it now !! lol :laughing:

I had just assumed it was serious and genuine !! :nerd:


At first, I was just reading some of the fluff on the website and wasn’t convinced it was a joke. I mean, there are plenty of people, even on this website, that believe that type of talk. But then when you listen to the demo material, it becomes obvious that they are either off their rockers or it is totally a joke. It actually had me laughing out loud.

Now, we need a “Quality Free Medical Care”, “Quality Free Auto Repair”, “Quality Free Money” website.

“Money is essential to life, therefore it should be free…”

Well, I did laugh a bit because they caught the vibe of aspiring composers on the web pretty well, but I am not certain I have attained their level of expertise! Good link!

The funniest part is this:

“If you are a really talented composer with determination and drive…
…and are on board with our ‘free for all’ philosophy…
…and want to contribute to something really great…
…and make music for guys that really appreciate it…
…and are not one those grumpy guys that demands a demo fee
even when his tracks will not be used in the final cut…

Then we would like to hear from you!!

We are currently seeking tracks in a variety of styles* so please contact us.

*** composers submitting tracks may be subject to a small admin fee.**”

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So, are they saying, “We will have to charge you a little bit of money in order for you to give us your music which we will give away on our website on which we will make money from advertising once it starts getting hits.”?
The irony! :laughing:

Or they are looking for a hit song for them self???

If you’re ever feeling down about your own music, take a listen to this:

I love this quote from their site:

"After all, music is essential to life like the air that we breathe… like swimming in the sea… appreciating the stars… eating berries from a tree… > walking a small dog in the woods on a pleasant day> … "

What I want to know is: Why is the size of the dog important? :laughing: :laughing: