Next up: Nuendo 7 @ Broadcast Asia in Singapore!

Dear forum-members,

after very successful showcases of the Nuendo 7 beta version at GDC in San Francisco, NAB in Las Vegas and
ProLight & Sound in Frankfurt, I’m happy to announce that Nuendo 7 will be shown at Broadcast Asia in Singapore:

Broadcast Asia Singapore
June 2-5
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
Yamaha Music Asia
Booth 5D6-03


Nice. Good to see you guys appear to be picking up marketing a bit. Hopefully you’ll get more systems sold in North America.

Now… “new Rendering system”…


Thanks Timo,
I’ll definitely check that out at NAB.

The new Rendering system contains “Render in place” which is known from Cubase Pro 8 and “Render Export”, which renders a free selection of files directly to any disk location. It includes individual naming conventions (e.g. project name>folder>track>counter). This is very helpful when dealing with large amount of files that need to be exported out of one project.


Ah, “Render Export” will be quite useful. I miss that from PT actually. Cool.

Any news on a time-frame here? Q2 still or Q3?

Whilst waiting for Timo to get back to you, maybe there’s a hint or so here…

Hi Lydiot.

late Q2 is realistic. More info will be available until end of April!



Had a run through of Nuendo 7 yesterday at NAB. Some very cool features.

I can confirm they’ve been working on session data import much like PT and we found out that you can import Cubase tracks as well. Also someone mentioned July but things change. Thanks Steinberg.

Thanks for the Yamaha link.

This is a wonderful addition:
‘‘Advanced project collaboration: Audio track import from other Nuendo projects from within an open Nuendo project’’



Nice to see Nuage and SB much more front and center at NAB!

And thanks to Aldo for a very interesting preview of N7 … the AutoConform for EDL changes looks like it’ll be a huge help even in my little part of the audio world!

So much work must have gone in to it… amazing.


It’s in Japanese, but nevertheless for those of us not at NAB, this gives a lot of info via the screenshots.

I just downloaded the trial of Cubase 8 and you can move the Pool to another moniter now which is a huge plus.


Can we have the events etc look like the ones in Cubase please? With the same transparency and see through options? Things like being able to see the gridlines through regions and parts is really useful…

Hi Joris,

all Cubase Pro 8 features/adaptations will also make it in N7.


How many Nuendo licenses are there without the NEK, as a percentage? 10%? 20?

Can we get rid of that silly add-on already?

This is the NEK :

From all this VSTi Mambo jambo, there are only the build-in features I need - The editors (vst expre, drums, listen,Chords, score). Those tools are needed as a sound designer while working on a visual, and those are build in qualities in Nuendo already.

Please - Let— us---- use— those—…and Those editors only. IT IS A MIDI EDITING AFTER ALL! If I want to arrange my SFX with drum editor, I should have this option. Why 259$ ?
Why Cubase users dont need to pay 259$ for the video track? or the metering system? or the timecode ruler? or the mediabay?
Because it is part of the software, right?

OK. We are alone here as it seems. Is this a convolution Verb or are we talking with ourselves?

Nevermind, we will do that here with work piece by piece :

Link 1 -

link 2 - Nuendo 7 Preview at Game Developers Conference | Audiokinetic

link 3 - GDC 2015 - Wwise and Nuendo integration - YouTube

please find more