Next upcoming version

Hi at VST Live,
It is often mentioned in the posts - upcoming version.
But what does that really mean, is the next upcoming version 2.0?
And if so, when is this expected to be the case.
I also know that the midi plugins implementation is in the making, but I would be interested to know where you are exactly on that.
Have fun programming
Kind regards

hi @kyru ,
in my experience “upcoming version” means every “official” and “pre-release”. Pre-releases are by week schedule, uploaded to a dedicated site and and important addition: they aren’t pulled by Steinberg Download Assistant… meanwhile there are milestone releases they appear in S.D.A. also.

So upcoming versions are all upcoming ones :wink:

Usually, each Friday we post a pre-release version to (todays’ version is already in the making). We recommend to use these versions, but they are not officially supported. It is not a simple task to provide new “official” versions.
MIDI Plugins are in the making, and we have already gotten quite far, we’ll let you know as soon as they become available.