Next Update?

Is there any hint as to when the next update might be?

Should be within the next 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I look forward to the next update. Thanks.

Thanks Robin … much appreciated for the info. I’m looking forward to the update. Cheers.

Hi Robin, is this an update or a major release?

An update - a free patch for 6.0. It will bring bug fixes, along with a couple new features requested here.

Thanks a lot!

Shortcut key backup/export?

This update should be here soon…

Yep, that’s part of the patch :slight_smile:
The patch was just finished today on the development side, it now has to go through validation before release.

Great, I’ll wait for it before I do my PC reinstall

what I can’t understand is SBs validation process.

They sit on releases for weeks before letting them out but it’s not like they fix anything as the releases always have bugs. Don’t know why the don’t put them out as public betas.

As at 27 September, the next update was about 2 weeks off. It’s now about 5 weeks later.

It would really be appreciated if a more definite ETA could be advised for the update.

Thanks in advance.

Sorry about that. While the update itself is ready, the new notarization steps required by macOS Catalina makes the release process much harder, requiring a change of procedures.

release for PC? :smiley:

Was looking in the Steinberg Download Assistant and Spectralayers version is now 6.0.20


I wish they’d post it on their software download page … the latest version of the Download Assistant refuses to open for me, even after doing a clean new install of W10.

Heads up check the download assistant :smiley:

6.0.20 is now on the download page. Thank you Steinberg.

Re the Download Assistant (which fails to open on my editing computer as well as a recent model laptop - both latest updated W10), I went to lodge a support ticket but found out that because I am not in Europe or the USA, I was referred to a local Yamaha distributor (Australia), but the AU website simply referred me back to MySteinberg where I had already been directed to Yamaha AU. Going around in circles! In practice, it seems that if you’re not in Europe or the USA, there is no readily accessible technical support from Steinberg.