Next upgrade


I am an amateur artist who loves composing on Cubase… But the quality of my musicedition is getting too narrow with Cubase LE AI 6. I would need advice on which upgrade would suit me better. I want to reach an almost proffessional quality in my songs, include more effects and possibilities than AI 6 offers, more flexibility. My underlying question is if Cubase 7 is kind o f the same, and if Cubase 8 Pro wouldn´t be a too wide step to take compared to Cubase 6.

Anybody has an insight about this?

Thanks in advance, Gustavo

I would consider Cubase 8, you can work as you already are used to do, then learn new features and apply them. That said what is your main goal?

Midi composing? Tracking instruments?

For my personal situation I invested in more and better instruments (Komplete 10 ultimate) and third party FX (waves / plugin alliance etc), I already own Cubase 8.5 pro.
Study the comparishing functions of Cubase versions on the product page.


My goal is to give a more professional touch to my compositions, with better effects and possibilities, with both midi composing and real instruments… I need more instruments and FX but also new functions for editing that can enhance the possibilities. I am a bit bound to the Cubase 6 system which makes difficult to introduce new features in the composition.

I´ll check out Cubase 8 pro… I think you answered to my question about the gap between them. It seems it is not that big…