Next version of Cubase 64-bit only:- What about VSTS?

Hi All

Quick question, if the next version of Cubase Pro will be 64-bit only (as per the notice on the website news), does that mean we have to drop our 32-bit VST(s) and only install 64-bit versions? (not counting any bridge software in this equation, straight Cubase Pro only).



It’s strongly recommended for you to get 64 bit versions of the plugins you use. If there’s a 32 bit plugin you use often (like say some old VST instrument), you should get jBridge. This will allow you to use most 32 bit plugins without issue in 64 bit Cubase. You can still install both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of your plugins if you want, but if 64 bit Cubase is your only DAW that’s unnecessary.

Cubase own bridge works fine, but I’d guess if they phase 32 daw out that soft synths are next.

And if you have trouble with Cubases bridge, like myself and others have had, then invest $20 and get jbridge.