Next weekend 7.0.7?

This weekend is coming to a close and judging by the term “End of January” I believe this to mean the 31st of the month but taking into account the speed of rotation of the Earth, this could actually mean Friday, Saturday or Sunday, which will be the day when I learn whether or not Cubase 7 is actually going to work as expected, as advertised, propagated or promised into the future on my current OS or whether I will need to start a campaign against the makers of the software on the forum or elsewhere (I believe this happened in seq 3).

Dont count on it…

Quoting Michael Jackson: “They don’t really care about us”

I really lost my patience, and I don’t trust Steinberg anymore, the application is not what I expected from a professional DAW, I’m really tired to wait… they are selling us old features masked as new features (hitpoint what?), old plugs like new plugs, I’ve my old Steinberg Magneto Boxed in my studio from 90s. Just only a Marketing policy, Mixer still broken, OSX performance terrible and saving time unacceptable. But they think to sell, only that, I agree “they don’t care about us”.

Give us the old programmers and old project manager.


@ the op

As this will be the last update for v7, I prefer they take their time to get everything right…

So do I!

I just purchased Sonic Core, so I hope it all works otherwise I’m going to need a 6.5 rig as well :confused:

Me three!

Dont count on it…


The update is just around the corner, we will release it on February 4, 2014. I’ve updated the announcement thread as well.

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Any news on 7.5 updates?

Yes, we are hard at work and aim to release 7.5.10 around mid of February as well!


Where you say:

This update will see many of the issues resolved which were addressed during the Cubase 7.5 development cycle.

Would this include also fixes created during 7.5.10?

And BOEM posts are being deleted again!!!

Please check the updated 7.0.7 announcement thread for detailed info about 7.0.7.

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Thanks for the info about the release date Helge.

  • 1 and for the list of fixes