Neyrinck V-Control free setup problems

I’m using Cubase 7.0.4 64-bit on Win 7 64 SP1 and I can’t get the V-Control Free version app, using the latest Ney-Fi, and Neyrinck’s setup instructions, to show any interaction with Cubase. The V-Control free app can see my computer, but that’s it, no functional sync in either direction. I’ve seen some posts here mention the full version is working for them but I’m not yet willing to pay $50 for the Pro app if I can’t get any kind of working exchange.

Neyrinck support suggested changing Cubase’s MIDI Port Setup-Device type from DirectMusic to Windows MIDI for V-Control, but that setting is automatically defaulting to DirectMusic in Cubase and I cannot figure out any way to associate it with Windows MIDI. I tried different variations of using the enableemulated and ignoreportfilter midi port switches for Cubase, but that didn’t work.

Any ideas? Thanks.