Neyrinck V-Control Pro for iPad

This seems to be the best of the bunch, even though it’s horrifically expensive for an app - £35/$50…

It works much better for me than AC-7 which I tried briefly. However the meters don’t work for me in Nuendo or Cubase - has anyone else tried it?

For those that haven’t seen it, its unique selling point is a window which can be opened on the iPad which shows ANY window on your host computer - in real time, and you can interact with it a la iPad… very clever.

However, I find it a little unresponsive (compared to the excellent response of the V-Control generally) and fiddly to use. It’s a clever idea though, and one which could be very usefully developed.

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There’s also a Lemur addon that seems quite complete, but it doesn’t seem as interactive as V-Control, and doesn’t offer the very useful V-Window remote desktop feature.

Currently, V-Control works well, but I’d like to see even more and better Nuendo/Cubase integration, both visually and in functionality. For many things, it’s extremely useful but for some others it’s clear that the Mackie HUI protocol it uses for Nuendo isn’t perfect or complete. To be fair, the problem isn’t all Neyrinck’s: there’s stuff that Steinberg could do at their end to make things work better and smoother, but Steinberg have their hands full with so many more important issues, and that makes it unlikely that they’ll be helpful with this in the shorter term.

Neyrinck did mention that he was working on better Steinberg integration and it’s been a while since the last update, so maybe something is in the oven… :slight_smile:

BTW, $50 sounds like a lot in the iOS world, but in relative software costs and for the functionality it offers, it’s priced quite reasonable for the specialized market it addresses. Plus the direct software support is excellent.

Thanks for the links - so far no one but me reporting that the meters don’t work. I think it must be a the Mac config. I posted on the Troubleshooting forum at Neyrinck but no response yet.

I agree about the zoom thing on V-window. It’s frustrating because the V-Window concept is so close to great, but it does seem a bit jerky compared with the rest of V-Control. I only get 2 levels of zoom in V-window.

What did you mean about the direct software support being great?


Did you set up a new midi device in Device Setup for V-Control and select the mackie-hui protocol? You need to do this for the transport and meters to work.

sure did, and checked that Mackie HUI is connected to V-Control MIDI in and Out. Everything else in V-Control seems to be working except the meters. I put a thread on the Neyrinck Troubleshooting forum over a week ago, no response…

Luckily it’s not at all vital to workflow, a bit of a gimmick really, though it is good to be able to control Nuendo away from the desk.

One thing that came up in a troubleshooting session I had with Neyrinck is that Nuendo doesn’t always spontaneously refresh on connection but you can force that by sliding your finger along the iPad or along the display names at the top.

BTW, I just noticed they have new Cubase/Nuendo videos up about V-Control integration. Pretty much covers what it can do.

Just to update, I raised a support request to Neyrinck. Paul got back to me, and as if by magic, the problem went away. The very next time I used V-Control, the meters just worked. Paul did say there had been other reports of the issue with Cubase/Nuendo, and to let him know if it happens again.