Neyrinck V-Control Pro

Hi all, i’m considering buying Neyrinck’s V-Control Pro application for my ipad, and I was wondering if anyone was using it with Cubase 7 currently and tell me if it’s fully compatible? I’ve been using the free demo for a little mess around, but I would love to have full functionality with the V window to be able to touch control hosted plugins. In the free version however, number 1 you can only view, not control, and number 2, there seems to be a strange graphic problem with the list of windows. I was wondering if this is only in the free version.

Thanks in advance.

Someone else reported having problems with the free version as well. The full version works fine here, but just curious about what graphical issues you are having. Mind providing more detail?

Yeah sure, you know when you click v-window to get the v-window up, and the in the top right of v-window theres a button which allows you to select what the v-window focuses on? Ie. if you have several plugins, you can choose which one the v-window will control at anyone time?

Well in this list, there are graphical problems, like the screenshots in the list appear pixellated, and like 1980s style white,red,blue pixelation. I have duplicates in the list as well, like 2 options to select the same plugin.

That is very strange. Like I said, could be a bug in the free version. The pro version works perfectly for me.

Didn’t read all posts but I have been using it flawlessly for over a year, its a great program!!! I can’t work without as it allows me to move from room to room and do everything as if I was at desk. I suggest you also look at the new remote via Steinberg haven’t tried yet but it should give you all basics for using cubase at a cheaper cost.

Thanks for your input guys. I like the look of the Neyrinck, mainly to be able to control plugins as well. I’ll bite the bullet when I’ve got a little bit more disposable income one week.

This looks really nice from Steinberg

Yes it does. I’m only waiting for it to catch up with V-Control Pro before I buy it. There’s a few key features I need that are missing in IC Pro.

Tell me which features you need first, I am using V-Control Pro also.

Well, for one, the V-Window. It would be awesome if Steinberg could do something similar with IC Pro. Also the new jog wheel function of V-Control Pro, and numerical readouts to indicate fader position as well as a big counter. Other than that, I think IC Pro has a big advantage in regards to the project view feature, as well as the programmable macros. I really like that about it. But that’s pretty much all I would need from IC Pro (not much, lol).