NFR licenses for 3rd party VST developers

As a developer I am SICK AND TIRED of purchasing a new version of Cubase every year,and NOT BEING ABLE TO AUTHORIZE Cubase on multiple machines FOR TESTING PURPOSES.

Shame on you Steinberg on this!

Bulent Biyikoglu
Founder/CTO of KV331 Audio

So, have you ever tried to get a NFR copy? Or do you think that you can get one if you post such a message on a developer forum?

Hi Arne, sorry about my angry attitude. I wasn’t aware that there was a developer forum. Is that the right place to ask for an NFR license? (It’s too late anyways, I purchased a new license for Cubase Elements 13). I remember that years ago someone told me that I could get an NFR license which is only valid for 6 months. Is that still the case?

Hi Bulent,
please write an e-mail to info at steinberg dot net, describe who you are and that you like to exchange NFR versions of your products with ours.