NI controller not found plus VST plugins gone

I have had every update except 9.5 skipping and waiting for 10. So far I have had very mixed issues with 10. Running windows 10 32g of ram and never ever an issue with version 7 on upto 9. With cubase 10 pro only about half of my Native Instruments are found and when loading other plugins such as real tape they program crashes like a prom date!!! Using 3 MOTU HD192s and no hardware issues. I have had to go back to 9 which works like a charm. I have had to do a vst search finding folders that 9 always found and loaded with no issues now with 10 I really can’t say how many plugins and Native Instruments I have missing, I have purchased really to many but would love to have access to the ones I have purchased. Also on one of the crashes some of my UAD plugins would not load. This so far has been a very bad and time killing beta.